Monday 1 March 2021

Benefit They’re Real Magnet Mascara - My Thoughts

Benefit has launched a new mascara called they're real magnet mascara, as a Benefit fan I really wanted to give this a try as it claims to give up to 40% longer lashes, the mascara wand has a magnetic core built into the extender brush to help draw the product to the end of the lashes.

I started to apply the mascara, I was expecting to feel my lashes being slightly pulled and lifted by the magnetic core making my lashes appear slightly longer, I was slightly disappointed as it didn't give the effect I was expecting, it actually took a couple of coats to get any effect, which was similar to the other Benefit mascaras I have used, but I wouldn't say it gave me 40% longer lashes as it claims.

I found the brush to be a little bit on the larger side as I am used to using benefit Roller Lash or BADgal Bang, They both have thin wand heads with flexible soft bristles. I applied a couple of coats to build up the product, but the bristles felt harder compared to Benefits other mascaras, so I had to take my time to get close to the lash line. The colour has a nice pigment that did last all day, I also didn’t have any problems removing the product at the end of the day, and as always the Benefit packaging looked amazing.

Overall - I am glad that I tried the new mascara and I will carry on using it until its finished, but it defiantly didn't make my lashes feel or look any longer than my usual Benefit mascara BADgal Bang, also as I wasn't that keen on the size of the mascara wand I will stick with my two favourite Benefit mascaras Roller Lash and BADgal Bang.

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